Our Story

 Made in Kent 

Our story started with a simple but revolutionary idea – to create a luxury dark chocolate that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the other great foods of Kent. Most chocolate companies buy in ready made chocolate, but our chocolate is manufactured in Kent, and the purity of its ingredients and its incredible taste and aroma is all down to our expertise in making chocolate.

Kent Dark Chocolate is made from carefully sourced ingredients; the selected cocoa beans are Organic. Our local focus and global vision is to support Kent based charities and create jobs whilst promoting Kent worldwide.

KSAR Kent Search and Rescue

Reg Charity No. 1091181. KSAR provides services to the community through Kent Police, the Coastguards and local councils. They search for vulnerable people who go missing in Kent. With over 100 volunteers, they provide foot teams, dog teams, canoe and kayak teams and inflatable boats and also have flood rescue teams. The vulnerable people they look for includes the elderly, those suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s, confused people, those with some form of mental illness, the depressed and suicidal, children, drowned people, occasionally victims of crime and sometimes people that simply get lost. For more information: www.ksar.co.uk

Headway East Kent

Registered charity No: 1103215. Headway East Kent offer support and help to adults with an acquired head injury and their families and carers. Headway East Kent has five day centres operating across the whole of the East Kent area. Their day care centres are known as Headway Houses, are long term, low cost centres providing a service to a particular client group whose needs are not in general met by existing community care groups. At Folkestone they offer information, support and provide a range of activities that encourage rehabilitation. They also encourage their members to pursue their own interests and achieve self-help and independence skills thus leading the way for their return to community living. For more information: www. headwayeastkent.org.uk or telephone 01227 783002

Last Chance Animal Rescue

A lifeline offering care, comfort and a happier future to homeless and neglected pets. Last Chance animal Rescue is a registered charity based in Kent. Our purpose is to rescue, care for and re-home abandoned, neglected and homeless pets. While at the Centre all animals are neutered, vaccinated, id chipped and receive all veterinary care and medication required. We operate a non-destruction policy and can in some cases provide help with medication for animals leaving us with long-term health problems. Home checks and interviews are carried out before adoption of any animal to ensure the suitability of prospective homes. For details of animals currently seeking homes or further information please visit www.lastchanceanimalrescue.co.uk